At a glance

February 2015

Head Brewer

James Campbell




Huh, where to begin?! There are vague memories of James that probably involved at least one visit ferrying Marble beer to a CAMRA beer festival, and James via online conversations on Twitter before we all got to make the yearly pilgrimage to Indy Man and have a rare opportunity to hang out in real life. It was in during the 3rd Indy Man and both James and Al had news that rumour of them and a new brewery was not false – so it was a rather exciting wait until the start of 2015 for their first brews were to hit the shelves (and the Jolly Good cold storage!). And at the 4th Indy Man? Both Jolly Good Beer and Cloudwater had bars 😉

Cloudwater have made it no secret that it has been quite a lot of ‘resource’ in the making; first and foremost the talent behind the brewing and then one of the most envious brewery builds in the UK documented in photos – but the beer made there is always in good hands. No beer ever leaves without passing the exceedingly high quality standards of this brewery and only with the passing time as they fully get to know their new brew kit they’d only continue to improve (!)

Tapping into their collective expertise, they are only to aware that adding consistency to a beer recipe is no magic pill, so their approach is more fluid (“Obstacles to be overcome are parted like clouds; flowed around like water” – geddit?); their beers reflect more on the seasons and availability where they are able to focus on making the best beer from what ingredients are in peak condition.

Please contact us if you’d like Cloudwater beers!

  • Cloudwater  —  Biscuit Town

    £170.00 ex-VAT
    7.2% 30l KeyKeg
    Shop reserved for Trade Accounts
  • Cloudwater  —  DDH IPA Amarillo

    £60.00 ex-VAT
    6.5% 24 x 440ml cans
    Shop reserved for Trade Accounts
  • Cloudwater  —  Helles Saaz Tettnanger

    £50.00 ex-VAT
    4.8% 24 x 440ml cans
    Shop reserved for Trade Accounts