Beavertown  —  Tempus Project Spruce Moose

Farmhouse Table Beer

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This brew a low-ABV Farmhouse Table beer which we fermented with a Norwegian Kveik strain, and lightly dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Chinook. The spruce and pine work in harmony with the bready, orange character from the Kveik strain, which fermented at 35 degrees Celsius and had almost completely finished fermentation in 24 hours. This was complemented by a light dry hop with German Mandarina Bavaria Hops and American Chinook hops at 4g/L. A delicate low alcohol summer beer, with notes of pine, forest floors, orange, and freshly baked bread.

Weight 21.5 kg
ABV 3.7%
Brewery Beavertown
Collaborators Harbour Brewing
Origin Tottenham, London
Container 20l KeyKeg
Coupler KeyKeg