Brick  —  Blackcurrant and Sumac Sour

Blackcurrant & Sumac Sour

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Using blackcurrants and the unusual ingredient of sumac to produce a sweet and jammy sour, balanced perfectly by the tangy lemon flavour of ground sumac which will naturally enhance the tartness of the beer. The ingredients have of course also imparted an amazing colour into the beer also. Made from dried berries, sumac has an appealing lemon-lime tartness that can be widely used in Middle Eastern and North African cooking. In Iran, they use it as a condiment, putting it onto the table with salt and pepper. The sumac also adds a slight tart salinity, that doesn’t quite push it towards gose territory, but helps to lift the fruitiness.

Weight 8.6 kg
ABV 3.6%
Brewery Brick
Origin Tottenham, London
Container 24 x 330ml cans
Best Before 21/3/19