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Brixton  —  Effra Ale

£36.91 ex-VAT


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ABV 4.5%
Brewery Brixton
Origin London, UK
Container 24 x 330ml bottles

Retail Pricing at % GP Levels

24 units per unit
(£GP / unit)
40% GP £3.08 (£1.03)
50% GP £3.69 (£1.54)
60% GP £4.61 (£2.31)
70% GP £6.15 (£3.59)


Named after the River Effra, which now flows deep beneath urban Brixton, our fresh and feisty amber ale is perfect for deep thirsts. It’s all about balance with this one; fusing a rich malt base with a blend of European and American hops, Effra is aromatic, uplifting and goes down incredibly easily.