Cloudwater  —  Small Simcoe Loral Pale (Gyle 437)

Small Pale Ale

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This small pale ale was brewed in collaboration with Common, Where The Light Gets In and NOMA to celebrate the first A Good Feed festival. We used a mix of yeast and Heritage Crystal was added to the malt bill to increase body. We dry hopped with 1g/L of Loral lupulin pellets, and 2g/L of Simcoe lupulin pellets (both containing twice the flavour and impact of T90 pellets) as well as 2g/L Simcoe T90 pellets. Though this totals only 5g/L by weight the impact is equivalent to our usual 12g/L T90 charge for this style. BB: 28/08/2018

Weight 5.8 kg
ABV 2.9%
Brewery Cloudwater
Collaborators Common, Where The Light Gets In and NOMA
Origin Manchester
Container 12 x 440ml cans