Magic Rock  —  Strongman - Rye

Rye Whiskey BA Barleywine

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We’ve increased the complexity of the malt bill to include wheat malt, crystal rye, light crystal and aromatic malt in addition to our house Golden Promise. This additional malt has added a depth of satisfying malty character and layers of toffee and dried fruit. The beer has been carefully aged in freshly emptied Bourbon or Rye Whiskey casks until its ready to take the stage. The finished beer is golden brown in colour with a rich pungent aroma and full palate, which gives way to rich fruit and brisk nutty flavours. The Bourbon version has additional rounded vanilla sweetness while the Rye has a peppery spice to its finish. Best drunk slightly cold, as the flavours develop as the beer warms.

Weight 6.0 kg
ABV 11.5%
Brewery Magic Rock
Origin Huddersfield
Container 6 x 750ml bottles