Magic Rock  —  Variously Human Cannonballs


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A pack of 8 cans of each of Human Cannonball, Un-Human Cannonball, and Neo-Human Cannonball


Meet Cannonball’s big brother; we used more malt, more hops and more magical conjuring to crank up the flavour of our explosive IPA ‘Cannonball’. Get your taste buds ready for massive pine and candied orange aromas combined with bitter/sweet grapefruit and mango flavours all complemented by a deeply composed, satisfyingly malty base. Ever wondered what it feels like to be shot out of a cannon?


It’s that time of year again! Our annual triple IPA Un-Human Cannonball is nearly ready for release and is, as usual, joined by its little bro Human Cannonball Double IPA. If you’re unfamiliar with the beers, Human Cannonball is our 9.2% West Coast double IPA that we first brewed back in 2011 featuring copious quantities of bold and dank Citra, Columbus hops and fermented with neutral US ales yeast for minimal flavour interference. Un-Human Cannonball first came along in 2013 and ramps things up even further to pack in as much clean and drinkable hop flavour in as possible, all while masking its 11% alcohol content. In contrast to Human, Un-Human uses Amarillo, Centennial, Mosaic, Simcoe and CTZ hops for lots of lovely citrus and tropical fruit flavours. The idea with both of these beers has always been clean drinkability, packing in intense flavour while making them drink like much lower ABV beers unencumbered by harsh flavours such as hop burn and higher alcohols. As a further development on the theme, this year we have created a new version DIPA in the New England style to compare and contrast with the original beers. With this beer we’ve gone for a much softer mouthfeel featuring lots of oats and wheat to carry the body of the beer. A super low bitterness, along with an expressive English ale yeast, London Fog, adds the characteristic estery aroma and sweet finish. We’ve used the same hops as in Human Cannonball so you can directly compare the resulting beers aroma/flavour and left the beer naturally hazy only removing yeast with the centrifuge.


A New England update on our Double IPA Human Cannonball, this DIPA uses a high percentage of oats and wheat in the grist for a creamy smooth mouthfeel. We eliminated the bittering and moved the majority of whirlpool hops over to the dry hopping to maximise aroma. Fermented with London Fog yeast for an estery aroma and sweet finish the beer is served way more hazy than the original to maximise the flavour expression.

Weight 13.2 kg
ABV 0%
Brewery Magic Rock
Container 24 x 500ml cans