Tonic Mixed Pack

Square Root  —  Artemisia + Hop Tonics 12+12 mixed case

Botanical Tonic Water

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Artemisia: Bright and clear, this tonic is a highly rated, delectable, sparkling aperitif to awaken the taste buds: It also makes for a genuinely exceptional cocktail, with light anise aroma from Tarragon, and pronounced bitterness from Wormwood, every sip is perfectly balanced and extremely moreish. Fantastic with herbal gins and quality wheat vodkas.

Hop: Citra and Columbus hops, and juicy Sicilian lemon provide lead flavours in our light, refreshing and citric tonic. The Hops draw fresh, fruity and juicy flavours from a wide range of spirits, and high, long lasting carbonation keeps things at their sparkling best all the way down the glass, however you serve it. Ideal with juniper heavy & citrus lead spirits.

Producer Square Root
Container 24 x 200ml bottles