Square Root  —  Lemon Cream Shandy

Lemon, Vanilla & Orange Sour Shandy

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Filled with the powerful flavour magic of zesty Sicilian lemons and smooth Vanilla, our new collaboration with Chorlton Brewing Co is an amazing, fresh Lemon Cream Sour Beer. Using the delicious beer as a base, we’ve whipped up this incredible non-alcoholic Lemon Cream Sour Shandy.

We were inspired by the (possibly originally Italian) American notion of Lemon Cream Soda: A less than subtle, totally scrumptious blend of sweet, sharp lemony syrup, rich dairy cream and sparkling soda water. Creamy richness in this shandy comes from top quality Bourbon Vanilla (you’re welcome, vegan friends!), perfectly balancing those saucy Lemons, full of sunshine and sharp, southern Italian sass.

We’ve blended in Valencia Orange juice to pump up the volume, resulting in a zesty, tingling shandy full of fruity sherbert flavour and fresh, sour beer tang. You’ve just gotta try it!

60 calories per 250ml Ring Pull Bottle, 0.5% ABV

Weight 8.4 kg
ABV 0%
Brewery Square Root
Collaborators Chorlton Brewing Co
Origin London
Container 24 x 275ml bottles