Tempest  —  Green River

Session IPA

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When it’s hot and sunny and you need something refreshing, you just want to reach for a session beer, right? Well we worked with our pal Bates from Duration to create an ideal summer Session IPA hopped with Nugget and Citra – with a ripe mango aroma, and plenty hop flavour on the palate, this is exactly what we’ll be drinking. And the name? Well, we’re both based near our own “green rivers” – us beside the Tweed, and Duration beside the Nar – and we’ve packed this session beer with plenty hops so it’s its own kind of “green river”. (Plus, who doesn’t love a CCR reference?)

Weight 11.6 kg
ABV 4.5%
Brewery Tempest
Collaborators Duration
Origin Tweedbank, Scottish Borders
Container 24 x 440ml cans