Weird Beard  —  Cardinal Wolf

Belgian DIPA

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Being Belgian style, with T58 you get high fruity esters mingled with bold, cracked pepper. A final dose of US05 crispens that fruitiness so it drinks like an American IPA but cloaks you in a warmth reminiscent of Trappist tripels. We’ve matched bolder Belgian yeast character with DIPA-doses of choice Slovenian hops. Cardinal gives mushed banana and pineapple aromas. Wolf gives a spicier, vibrant nose of anise and lemongrass. Combined, this beer drinks with candied fruit flavours: dried payaya over commonplace currants,¬†and comforting hot-cross bun spice.

Weight 10.8 kg
ABV 9%
Brewery Weird Beard
Origin Hanwell, London
Container 24 x 330ml bottles