Zapato  —  Blended Red Ale

Wild Red Ale

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Back in October 2017 we started a little project with our good friends at Marble, Matt has been collaborating with Marble over several years via North Bar but this is the first as Zapato. We brewed an homage to Rodenbach, it’s first iteration was A-Tomic (continuing the great tradition of naming beers after offspring), a kettle soured Red that then went into Bourbon and Red Wine barrels with various Wild Yeasts and bugs. The resulting beer is tart and super fruity with notes of strawberries, gentle acetic layers and funk then tannins building along winey goodness. It’s ACE!

Weight 21.5 kg
ABV 7.2%
Brewery Zapato
Origin Manchester
Container 20l KeyKeg
Coupler KeyKeg