Beer Update

I just popped my weekly stock update out to the mailing list and thought I’d post a bit of it here! [Edited a bit, but mostly as sent.]

Some of the beers I want to source come at low prices, others have to travel further and/or come from breweries who’re selling their beers so successfully that they have no need to compete with lowest-common-denominator pricing. My stance on this is that you should price beers appropriately to their cost and not based on ABV. Some beers are simply worth more than others. This won’t work for everyone, I know – I think the beers are worth it but it is up to you to make your own decision on that.

Anyway, wow… the stock list is properly making me want a pint right now. It doesn’t help that this is a rather long email – they’ll be shorter usually! Feel free to scroll past my gumph straight to the list below.

Michelle at Offbeat is one of my favourite brewers, the brewery slogan is simply “great beer brewed by a chick” – and the beer really is great. If you ever have a reason to be in Crewe on the 1st Friday of a month do attend “Firsty Friday“… a proper “piss up in a brewery” featuring a range of beers from Offbeat and friends, plus live music and good food.

The superstar of the list this week however is Moor… a phenomenal brewery down in Somerset producing beers often described as “rare as hen’s teeth” in cask and keg form. Every Moor beer on my list has a RateBeer score over 90 for its style, four of them are 99 and 100 scorers. The Moor cask and keg beers are all secondary-conditioned in the container (yes, even the keg) and they all taste fantastic. In the case of the keg this does mean the kegs are best given a few days to settle before going on.

Now: UNFINED beer? Everything from Moor, Moncada, and Weird Beard is unfined. This is good news for vegetarians, not to mention vegans. But there’s more to it than that – Justin at Moor is probably the UK’s strongest proponent of unfined beers and has written this about them: What is Natural Beer? Justin has also written some details on the cellaring of his unfined beers: Cellar Management Tips – all good advice. The primary item of importance is that “unfined” isn’t meant to mean “murky”, with appropriate cellaring there should be no more than a light haze or cast – and some will drop totally bright given time.

As it happens, this morning Pete Brown has published an article that touches on this topic: With great beer comes great responsibility – it’s an excellent read. As usual from Pete Brown.

The other great breweries in the list have been discussed in previous emails. The Great Heck arrived at the coldstore yesterday and is ready and waiting to go out. Their Treasure IPA is a luscious 4.8% well hopped golden ale with a 98 on RateBeer – but I also have a more traditional beer from these guys in the form of Navigator. Sadly there was a problem with the Powermouse brew so that will not be available but the Treasure, Yakima, and Citra should keep the hopheads happy!

The stock list now includes RateBeer scores in the beer descriptions. I find RateBeer a good positive indicator of quality with everything above 50 for style being above average and anything above 80 being pretty damn good. It isn’t infallible but it is a useful yardstick. The colour “guestimations” remain, I’ll continue to do these.

To fill in the gaps in the above here’s the current stock-list table. I hope it makes you as thirsty as it makes me: