Are you a jolly good van driver?

OK – it is time. Jolly Good Beer needs a driver to, initially, do 2 runs a week – with the prospect of doing more in future. The runs are probably to be on Wednesday and Thursday (I’m flexible on this – but Monday is generally not an option as too many customers aren’t able to receive orders). A run starts in the morning around 9AM for loading and simply goes until you return to base.

Jolly Yellow Beer Van

Jolly Yellow Beer Van

This will be the 1st time I have ever employed someone so I’ve still to work out the details and hideous expense of it all, but like everything we’ll manage that as we go along.

We will pay what the Living Wage Foundation defines as a “living wage” – £7.85 per hour.

The requirements are simple:

  • An interest in beer – we want a bit more than someone who can just move objects around.
  • A “clean” driving license to keep my insurers happy.
  • You need to be able to lift stuff – goes without saying? Up to ~65kg for handling 50l kegs, but mostly 35kg kegs and 55kg casks. It can be quite a demanding job. A full vanload is over a tonne of beer loaded before you set out. Kegs and casks need to be handled to drop into cellars, sometimes negotiating stairs, some cellars are in crazy locations. We aim to always deliver beer straight into the nice cool of the cellar. (Unless instructed otherwise by the staff at the other end.)

Experience in the pub trade is desirable. We will want you to learn about beer and learn to fix cellar problems, change couplers, tweak gas systems, etc. On the job training will be provided, as they say.

A forklift cert is a bonus, but not a necessity.

Our warehouse site is currently in Caxton and you’ll need to be able to travel to the site or other locations, we expect to relocate by the end of the year – possibly as far away as March or St.Neots (Peterborough has even been considered).

Get in touch via email if you’re interested: