Jolly Good Beer & Brewers @ Food Park Night Market

Jolly Good Beer Bar

Jolly Good Beer Bar

I’m a bit late to putting this together, because Food Park Night Market has SOLD OUT! So… there here be a teaser for those didn’t make it to booking in time, and an appetite whetter for those who will be there with us on Saturday.

Food Park has practically become a Cambridge foodie institution – this collective of food vans and related businesses shows up all over town providing the food variety and excitement that Cambridge’s drab corporate office estates fail to deliver. Pints of tasty beer don’t quite fit in for most at lunchtime – but a few times a year Food Park gets together to do a “night market” where proceedings practically require a great drinks offering to go with the great food. We’ll be there with great beer amongst the gin, wine, cocktails and fizz.

For the first Food Park of 2016 the Jolly Good Beer bar will host Atom brewery from Hull and Harknott from Cumbria on the draught – both of which will have folk present on the night.

We’ll also have Magic Rock and Moor cans for folk in the mood for a quick tinnie of great beer. The beer list will include:

    • Atom – “For Science!” – will be at the event!
      • Schrödinger’s Cat, 3.5% – full bodied, yet low ABV, hop-bomb
      • Pale Ale, 4.5% – UK Olicana & Admiral hopped cirtusy pale ale
      • Ocean of Storms, 5.0% – saison aged on blueberries
      • Dark Matter, 4.5% – sea salt, cocoa and black lime infused oatmeal stout
    • Hardknott – “Serious About Beer” – will be at the event!
      • Cumbrian Lager, 4.8% – lager! lager! lager!
      • Intergalactic Space Hopper, 5.2% – IPA
  • CANS
    • Magic Rock
      • Salty Kiss, 4.1% – gooseberry gose
      • High Wire, 5.5% – pale ale
      • Rapture, 4.6% – red ale
    • Moor
      • Revival, 3.7% – session pale ale
      • Illusion, 4.5% – black IPA
      • Return of the Empire, 5.7% – English IPA
  • SODA
    • Square Root – “Handmade in Hackney”
      • A range of non-alcoholic sodas from the awesome Square Root. It’s what keeps me going when I am doing these events! So we figured we should add them to the lineup.

Food Park beers