Mailing List: Friday Night Fun ?❄ with Burnt Mill (oooeeerrrr), Dark Revolution (new!), Yeastie Boys (who needs integrity?), and some found Northern Monk

Sending a trade email out on a Friday night? Numbskull…

This was intended to go out hours ago, but as with most days at the moment there were so many things commin’ at me most of my core tasks just kept slippin’ back. It’s lost about half an hour again tonight thanks to things storm related… we had a nice little blackout just now, short thankfully. A lot of lightning out there, and a huge strike in line of sight of the office window just now – seemed to hit just a short distance way in the farm orchard. Made me jump!

We also haven’t quite finished, have a few more bits to put into the system, still so another heads-up will go out Sunday or Monday I expect when we get the other new gear sorted.

Anyway, so… what new goodies are in the coldstore?

  • Burnt Mill – one of the current darlings of UK craft beer, the Burnt Mill folks are honing their brewing and from an excellent start just getting better. We’ve only had the odd bit here and there up to now, but this time we have a range incoming…
    • KEG – first there is their new murky hazy juicy hop critter Galaxy Fog, this is the first in a new serious of beers using the London Fog yeast. (Despite the name it is a yeast used to brew the New England IPA style mainly, I gather the name was chosen due to some UK genetic background the yeast has combined with “fog” being both considered a very London thing by folk overseas* and being suggestive of the stylistic murk of the NEIPA style.) We have more keg arriving Tuesday, so keep eyes peeled on the inbox.
    • CAN – ooooeeerrr… we actually have what we could call a range in cans this time. We have:
      • Green Path (little of) – regular “West Coast” styled IPA
      • Pintle (plenty of) – their juicy hazy everyday quaffer – CANNED YESTERDAY – transported straight from canning to our 4C coldstore – doesn’t get much fresher than that!
      • Tulum (good stock) – a pineapple gose!
      • Layers (good stock) – an imperial stout
  • Yeastie Boys – Stu may lack integrity (industry in-joke), but we still like ‘im and the whole micromachine that is Yeastie Boys (it’s bigger on the outside). A trip to NZ in 2011 did more for me in beer interest than BrewDog did (it was a “next level” sort of experience), and Yeastie Boys were a highlight of that and continue to delight (when you can get the crazy stuff!). It’s no secret I was disappointed when as soon as they finally go the UK Gunnamatta nailed and tasting up there with NZ Gunnamattathat it got put into Tesco (grrrrr! grrrrrr! down with that sort of thing!) … which is the end of that for us really, as we know too few of you want to stock what Tesco stocks. We do continue to stock Inari Biru as a regular line, it’s not in Tesco (I think!) And once we can get the good Gunnamatta stuff in keg format we certainly shall!Yeastie Boys: German Farmhouse (keg badge)But lo! What’s this… things are happening in the UK Yeastie Boys world. This year they have hired the legendary “JK” – a brewer who’s been a key player in the UK “craft” brewing sector over recent years… he’s got Thornbridge pedigree, was head brewer at Buxton when Buxton transitioned from kinda trad to UK craft stalwart, and has most recently done some excellent work honing the brewing at the legendary Marble Brewery.  Now JK is a Yeastie Boy and doing the good stuff overseeing UK production whilst being let loose on collabs and cuckoo brews to bring a creative lineup of Yeastie Boys specials to the UK market.
  • Dark Revolution – new to JGB – so… I must admit I don’t know a lot about these guys. But I consider the Yeastie Boys team choosing them as their cuckoo brewing go-to is about all the endorsement I need really. (I did also ask around of course, check their reviews, the usual… results are good.) Basically since we were getting the Yeastie Boys kegs shipped direct from the brewery and the pallet wasn’t fully loaded we squeezed on as much Dark Revolution as we could.
    • KEG
      • Deviant – Dynamically Hopped Pale Ale
      • Sonic – Small IPA
      • Super Sonic – DDH Pale Ale
      • Supernova – Brut IPA – Citra / Nelson Sauvin
  • Northern Monk – wait.. what’s that? What are they doing there? Oh… dang…
    • KEG – So… a couple of weeks ago when we got the NMBCo x Wylam collaboration TIPA Moobing On Up we actually got a couple of kegs too. And on the same pallet a couple of kegs of DEATH  – now there are only a couple of each of these… typical “first come, first served” – if you can’t see it on the site, it’s goooonnneeee…
      • Moobing On Up – NMBCo x Wylam – Triple Dry Hopped Triple IPA with a MASSIVE 4.331 Untappd score. Oofff…
      • DEATH // Single Origin Burundi Coffee Edition – caffeinated death inna keg…

* No joke, growing up in Australia and watching a fair bit of UK/BBC content in the 80s I generally could have assumed that the UK was mostly just foggy all of the time.

All this plus plenty of other stock on our website.


GAS!!! WE HAVE THE GAS!!! CO2 that is… back in stock…

Oh, wait, we’ve just run out of 60/40… argh… (if you need I have a tiny number on reserve).

One of the problems we have faced with the gas is that we need a full pallet of empties back before we can get a full pallet of full ones in. So it’s important we recover the empty Air Liquide cylinders from y’all. Please ensure they are good for collection when my guys show up.

From now on we will typically, except by prior arrangement (or new accounts) be providing gas cylinders on a ONE-BACK-ONE-OUT policy. If you want a cylinder, have an empty ready for us to collect please. (For 2 for 2, etc.)


Week commencing Mon 30th July:

  • TUESDAY 31st July
    • ? Milton Keynes / OXFORD / READING
    • ? Northants / Coventry / Warks / BIRMINGHAM
  • WEDNESDAY 1st August
    • Cambridge(shire)
    • ? Herts / Hitchin / St. Albans / Hillingdon / Chilterns / S.Beds
  • THURSDAY 2nd August
    • ? Essex / Chelmsford / Colchester / Ipswich / South-Suffolk
    • Kings Lynn Norwich / Norfolk / Lowestoft / North-Suffolk

Week commencing Mon 6th August:

  • TUESDAY 7th August
    • ? Derby(shire) / Nottingham / (shire), Leicester / (shire)
    • ? Northants / Coventry / Warks / BIRMINGHAM
  • WEDNESDAY 8th August
    • CAMBRIDGE(shire)
    • ? Hertfordshire / Hitchin / St. Albans / Chilterns
  • THURSDAY 9th August
    • ? A1 / Stamford / Linconshire / Lincoln / Retford / Newark
    • Kings Lynn NORWICH / Norfolk / Lowestoft / Nth.Suffolk


All the best,
Your beer wrangling servant,
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