How a KeyKeg Works – Graphic For Free Use

Kat and myself (Yvan) made this diagramme back in 2015 to explain KeyKeg to folk. It’s first use was when we ran a KeyKeg bar at Stevenage Beer Festival.

It seems to have been quite popular having been ripped off many times now by CAMRA and even a couple of commercial organisations. It’s a little mind-boggling that in this day and age folk don’t understand the concept of copyright.

A good basic rule is: If you do not know you have permission to use (especially publish) a thing… you don’t.

Now this is not a fancy picture, it’s not art, it isn’t revolutionary… but I sketched out the general idea on paper, Kat then made it look less like utter garbage, I scanned it and Kat did a bit of digital tidying before I added some text. There’s actually a few hours work in that. And in the context of a small business that’s important time – even without the business context it’s not exactly nice to have folk just take your stuff without asking. Apparently some CAMRA mob in London even made a big poster of it. Normally if you want to go publish someone’s work you kinda expect to pay them for it… right?

We are actually very happy for people to use the image and derivations thereof  – BUT only with attribution to at least “© Jolly Good Beer“, and when online with a link to this website:

I will at this point specify that the image can be used under a CC BY-SA 4.0 “Creative Commons” license.  Creative Commons License

If you want any other specific permissions please just contact us.

Now go ahead and use it… you don’t have to ask if you provide the attribution specified and use this specific version of the image below.

You have no permission to use any version of the image we have created other than the one below.

How KeyKegs work. (This image is COPYRIGHT Yvan Seth T/A Jolly Good Beer.)

How KeyKegs work. (This image is COPYRIGHT Yvan Seth T/A Jolly Good Beer.)