Mailing List: Loads of new beer! CASK pre-orders! Informational VIDEO!

Bumper crop folks! Mega big update timez.

But first, CASK – we have the PRE-ORDER list up still here with Ashover and Three Blind Mice – all stock is subject to brewery availability. The order will be finalised on Monday and we expect to have the sock for delivery from w/c 20th August, so get your cask finger clicking here:
Ashover Brewery Beers

VIDEO: I’ve been asked a few times about various dispense tasks and as much as I’d like to visit everyone and demonstrate everything there just isn’t time. So I’m going to try making some basic videos, maybe about one a week if I can. The first is: How to strip down keg couplers for cleaning.


Badges & cans

Against the Grain – our first proper big order from these guys. We have kegs, we have cans, we have some seriously mad bottles. Shipped to our 4°C coldstore cold-chain style. For mega-freshness.

Amundsen – the Chuggernaut cans are back! Shipped to our 4°C coldstore cold-chain style. For mega-freshness.

Beavertown – core restocks plus Sapling IPA (NEIPA type critter) in both keg and can, some Tempus bottles, some more Dame Melba cans too.

Bone Machine – back again, because y’all seem to love it (for good reason) – with two new beers a west coast styled IPA Goin’ Out West and something a bit madder in the form of a mango and black salt gose/sour inspired by Bundobust: Sex, Drugs & Okra Fries!

Cloudwater – the latest gear to arrive, as usual. We have some new style twists from them this week with a couple of Brut IPAs and a rendition of a West CoastPale in keg plus a straight up 4% quaffing pale Summer Pale in can. (And more.)

Left Handed Giant – two fresh new can releases from the Bristol giant plus three keg releases.

Stillwater Artisinal – ridin’ the Against The Grain pallet we have MORE new cans from Stillwater, grab ’em whilst they’re not hot (they’ll never be hot, not from us. Shipped to our 4°C coldstore cold-chain style. For mega-freshness.

Track – finally back on Track. Good old Sonoma in keg, plus an IPA and a Brut IPA… Brut IPA is the flavour of the season. It’s all joooosey…

All this plus plenty of other stock on our website.

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Time flies when you’re on the run…

Week commencing Mon 13th August:

  • TUESDAY 14th August
    • ? Milton Keynes / OXFORD / READING
    • ? Northants / Coventry / Warks / BIRMINGHAM
  • WEDNESDAY 15th August
    • Cambridge(shire)
    • ? Herts / Hitchin / St. Albans / Hillingdon / Chilterns / S.Beds
  • THURSDAY 16th August
    • ? Essex / Chelmsford / Colchester / Ipswich / South-Suffolk
    • Kings Lynn Norwich / Norfolk / Lowestoft / North-Suffolk

So, what’s next…

Week commencing Mon 20th August:

  • TUESDAY 21st August
    • ? Derby(shire) / Nottingham / (shire), Leicester / (shire)
    • ? Northants / Coventry / Warks / BIRMINGHAM
  • WEDNESDAY 22nd August
    • CAMBRIDGE(shire)
    • ? Hertfordshire / Hitchin / St. Albans / Chilterns
  • THURSDAY 23rd August
    • ? A1 / Stamford / Linconshire / Lincoln / Retford / Newark
    • Kings Lynn NORWICH / Norfolk / Lowestoft / Nth.Suffolk

All the best,
Your beer wrangling servant,
Yvan / Jolly Good Beer

A quick video demonstrating how to strip down a keg coupler for cleaning.