Open for PROFORMA pallet orders

Website open for PALLET orders:

  • CASK (BBDs mainly short/past, but I guarantee all beer)
  • KEG (this is where all the best stuff is)
  • BOTTLE (yes, we have some Mills, strictly limited)
  • CAN (sorry, it’s quite thin on the ground)
  • SPIRITS  ( )
  • SODA (square root)

The OLD is important…

Logins/etc are all the same as before, it’s the same website. All open orders have been closed, all stock on them returned to inventory. There are NO RESERVATIONS  – I’m not going to sit on stock for some future time, if you order now you order for delivery by the end of June.

  1. The current order process is:
  2. You order beer on the website
  3. We pick it, checking the stock is correct
  4. The next Monday we issue your VAT invoice
  5. You pay the invoice (proforma!)
  6. We ship the beer by pallet for next-day AM delivery
  7. You check the pallet and report any issues
  8. We issue credit notes if there are any issues (which can be on your account, or we can refund immediately)

There are PALLET CHARGES – £25 for orders under £600 inc-VAT, £15 for orders under £1200 inc-VAT, and no charge for orders larger than £1200. If you place multiple orders I will merge them and set the charge correctly.

All orders must be paid PROFORMA (this means you need to pay for the beer before I ship it… I’m not a big fan of this but I feel it is necessary for the times and for my financial duty to my creditors – breweries waiting for money from me) – I’ll email invoices on Monday and at the same time ask what day you want your pallet delivery (Tue/Wed/Thu any week in June.) Deliveries will be booked for an AM delivery via a lorry with a tail-lift.

Shop-wide pricing is all normal with some products selectively discounted, all usual discounts have been disabled (i.e. Direct Debit Discount). However a SITE-WIDE 4% DISCOUNT has been set up.

Beer will not be delivered to customers with UNPAID INVOICES

Sorry for all the rules. Such are the times… my key aim here is to sell some stock if I can because I want the funds in order to pay the brewers, to bridge the gap from all the customers who haven’t paid their bills. Like many of my customers I am overdue in paying my suppliers, and 100% of funds from sales made (and also from any outstanding bills paid) will be going to the brewers.

All my staff are still on furlough so I’ll be handling any/all enquiries/questions/etc on my own. Whilst I am not expecting a deluge, note responses may not be as quick & clued-up on your situation as usual.

Remember I personally guarantee all stock in all formats regardless of BBD, if you buy something and it turns out to be a bit wonky just let me know and we’ll sort out a credit. Ideally I’ll want evidence of product destruction as then there is a chance of reclaiming the duty via the brewery.