8 Wired

If one can find the means as a person interested in modern beer to arrive in New Zealand, you are in for a treat because 8 Wired are not shy in featuring one of NZ’s famed exports: hops. Our personal history with the brewery lies purely as a retail customer that appreciated their wares from afar, but as a NZ craft beer collective member it is rather exciting to also officially endorse them.

The brewery’s namesake refers to the no. 8 wire which is a specific gauge of wire originally intended for use in electric fencing, though it’s versatility and availability meant the ingenious kiwis have used it to fix just about everything, including cars! As with dealing with any problem despite the lack of resources, 8 Wired originally started contact brewing at Renaissance where owner-brewer Søren Eriksen was hard at work gaining valuable commercial experience before making the thoroughly planned leap on striking out on their own. Their claimed brewing style is mainly focussed on what they have said as “New World interpretations of Old World styles”, but with the flourish of a resourceful kiwi making use of what is available to them: outstanding hops, unusual produce as flavour additions and reusing old wine barrels for their sours.

Please contact us if you’d like 8 Wired beers!

  • 8 Wired  —  Cosmic Chaos

    7.5% 24 x 330ml bottles
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  • 8 Wired  —  Grand Cru 2015

    9.0% 12 x 500ml bottles
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