Bexar County Brewery

It’s pronounced _BEAR_ county!!! (If you really want to rile up the brewer or other Texans from this region, then be sure to pronounce the ‘x’; but we cannot be responsible for the consequences)

Our favourite crazy Texan brewer in Peterborough, he’s set up a mission to be innovative and exciting, aggressive and challenging, but most importantly well designed and hand crafted. As he aims for his beer to never be bland, boring, or insipid we’re rather proud to represent Bexar County Brewery beyond Cambridgeshire as the areas premier modern craft brewery.

Steve is an awesome guy, and he loves collaborating with fellow crazy minded brewers (ie: pretty much all brewers we know well) so keep an eye out for some “out there” beery gems from him!

Please contact us if you’d like Bexar County beers!