Hammerton Brewery

Depending on how you look at it, Hammerton may be the most ‘established’ brewery we have the pleasure of stocking: the original brewery opened in 1868 but by the late 1950s had ceased brewing and was later demolished. However in 2014, after 2 years of planning, a member of the Hammerton family not only resurrected the family name in brewing but also brought back brewing to the borough of Islington.

Though restarting as a contemporary brewery with excellent modern beers they still look to some of the original recipes, one of note is evident with their Oyster Stout “Pentonville” which in 1938 was reportedly the first in the world to actually put oysters in the brew (oyster stouts did not originally contain oysters: in the 18th century stouts and oysters were served in pubs, hence the original association). But it’s also about the present and fresh modern styles – the 1st new-Hammerton beer was N7, a pale ale full of New Zealand and US hops.

Hammerton have small but varied core range that is available in cask, keg and bottle. Also on rare occasions they may produce stunning specials (hello, Baron H) so keep a look out with our stock updates on what we can snag!

Please contact us if you’d like Hammerton beers!