It was the summer of 2009 with grand plans for a multi-day hike around the Lakes district where a b&b-slash-pub in Eskdale served as a drop point for late-delivered camping goods. Their beer was very good so it was not too disappointing to have had to return twice: the next day when said goods failed to arrive as planned, and the victory return on completion of a week mostly on foot. It was rather exciting to discover the kit of a small brewery inside responsible for our tasty pints and it was here we had encountered Dave Bailey and Ann Wedgwood in their pub for the first time. Twitter details were exchanged, and fast forward to now where our respective journeys once again coincide, albeit with more frequency. We absolutely love HardKnott beers! The brewery had moved away from the road of its namesake, but HardKnott have only gotten better and better and more adventurous as they have stretched out beyond the bounds of a remote Lakes pub.

Their flagship Azimuth suits their ethos well: full of flavour, unabashed for not conforming to more locally favoured beer style and not shackled to one format (it is stunning in keg)

Please contact us if you’d like Hardknott beers!