Magic Rock Brewing Co

It was not long after Jolly Good Beer was started when we contacted the guys about distributing their awesome beer as one of our first breweries. Alas, this was before their brewery expansion – they’ve been at full capacity for a while and were apologetic that they couldn’t accept further distribution. “In a year or two” was what Rich had said which was their own target for moving on to a larger premises to brew and have a tap bar. Ya snooze, ya lose – even if you aren’t a complete stranger out of the blue.

It was only recently – almost 2 years exactly – since that phone call happened; and now we are proud to stock some of the Magic down to our now growing coverage area. And it was quite a wait but worth the regular pestering persistent contact to get to try their beers more regularly than once a year.

If you have not yet heard* of Magic Rock, well, you won’t likely forget after trying some!

* If you’re on this site, that is probably unlikely

Please contact us if you’d like Magic Rock beers!