Northern Monk Brew Co

There was much rejoicing from The North when we heard that Northern Monk – then cuckoo brewing back much, much earlier than pre-Jolly Good Beer days – had established The Refectory. Quite an enviable location too: a Grade II listed building host to their craft, a tap room and a mouthwatering menu a short walk away from the rest of Leeds beery offerings. From juicy banging hoppy beers through to rich stouts and beyond, much reverence is evident to delivering an enjoyable experience.

But do be warned if you find that you’re allowing their head brewer to stick a chipotle to “dry chilli” a tasty stout he brewed: this stage is optional and the beer is just as good without it – with the caveat that if you agree then you should not let it steep too long unless you can easily handle ghost peppers without a problem. Yes Brian – we *still* remember…

Please contact us if you’d like Northern Monk Beer!