Partizan Brewing

We first met Andy Smith when he was brewing at Redemption, quite a few years ago. So he’s got solid brewing roots… he went off to start Partizan a good while back. Partizan is a small brewery doing artful beers, as the production volume is small they can play around more than larger craft breweries – but this also means stock can be hard to get hold of. As far as beer range goes there is a bit of a focus on saisons especially and then interesting flavour combinations often thrown into the mix as well (Andy used to be a chef).

They’ve got some of the most eye-catching labels in the industry too!

Partizan has long been on my “hit list”… and thanks to Rainbow Project 2016 I’ve found the excuse to finally get them onto the list, and we hope to make Partizan a regular feature.

Please contact us if you’d like Partizan beers!