Pig & Porter

Initially, the origin of the brewery was conjoined to the previous main business: event catering. Doing both hog roasts and BBQ food alongside it’s own beer the name “Pig and Porter” was a natural choice. These days however with greater demand for their brews, it was a victory for the beer drinker that won out (though Sean can tell you of the unglamorous rigours required for event preparation); we first came across their beer at the 2nd Indy Man none the wiser that our paths would meet once again. What is phenomenal is that Red Spider Rye was their first brewed beer: big bold flavours in the body and hop department that naturally complement heavy meat dishes; it is no wonder they were invited.

With a background in food and the palate of a brewer, it is no wonder that Sean Ayling has been hitting a varied range of styles – and is a keen collaborator with the likes of Weird Beard, Runaway and Elusive.

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