Redemption Brewing Co

One of the first of the new wave of great London micros, Redemption have firmly established themselves as reliable and consistent brewers of popular cask ales. Redemption first came to our attention when their beer was at the Hitchin beer festival in 2011. The stunningly flavourful yet only 3% Trinity won Beer of the Festival and we duly had an enjoyable outing to the brewery. Trinity has now won no less than six CAMRA beer of the festival awards across the country. Since then we’ve always enjoyed Redemption beers when we have the chance to find them, the region is not unfamiliar with them but the supply is only occasional and we want to see Redemption as a more regular feature on pub bars.

Redemption beers are available in 9g casks and occasionally in 500ml bottles.

Redemption have a complete listing of their beers with tasting notes on a convenient single web-page. Click here to go to their latest notes! We include notes for the core Redemption beers we stock.

Please contact us if you’d like Redemption beers!