Stringers Beer

Stringers beer was brought to our attention by Hardknott Dave, a fellow Cumbrian brewery. On closer inspection, the Stringers rather appealed on a personal level: they were probably were one of the first we encountered with a “100% renewably-powered” tag line. This was pre-Jolly Good Beer, but we fully enjoyed their beer from the selection chosen for a CAMRA festival, and have been in touch via Twitter since. Located in Ulverston, Stringers is run by wife and husband pair Becky Stringer from Liverpool, and Barrow lad Jon Kyme.

Apart from having probably the strongest commitment to green energy we’ve seen due to their environmental ethos, they are also the first brewery we proudly list to offer a range of gluten-free beer – and it’s bloody good to boot! Unlike other gluten free products which substitute ingredients that end up sacrificing taste, Stringers use an enzyme as part of their brewing process for their gluten-free beers which retains their flavour but without the gluten. So more people can drink beer, because it’s awesome – we fully believe that Stringers totally is too!

Please contact us if you’d like Stringers beers!