Weird Beard Brew Co

We have known Bryan Spooner since meeting him at the 1st BrewDog AGM in December 2010, back then he had a weird beard but no brewery. Bryan was a serious good beer enthusiast with an obsession for BrewDog and no idea he’d have his own brewery in London three years later. Bryan and Gregg met via the London beer and homebrew scene, and at some point – with some homebrew awards under their belt – a plot was formed to take things to the next level.

Gregg and Bryan describe Weird Beard as a full on, no compromise brewery, brewing great tasting and genre-busting beers… hold on to your taste buds and come along for the ride! In our experience they deliver on this!

Weird Beard beers are available in 9g casks and 30 litre keykegs.

Please contact us if you’d like Weird Beard beers!