Yeastie Boys

Where do we even begin with this mob?! Our personal history with the brewery lies purely as a retail customer that appreciated their wares from afar, but as a NZ craft beer collective member it is rather exciting to also officially endorse them.

The Yeastie Boys are fun, friendly and vibrant – and the ‘boys’ themselves can also be described as such too – whether if it’s crazy hops, zesty fruit additions or specialist malts there is no territory in the beer spectrum unexplored for long. They are on record for being unapologetic to what results as they are firm believers that if no-one is found to disagree with any of their beers then they have not challenging themselves enough; they’ve even hate mail to prove it! (One particular letter would even make Jay Rayner blush). This strikes as rather odd as it’s not hard to find a suitable style for almost everyone that the Yeastie Boys have in their core range.

As of early 2015, some of their core beers are being brewed at BrewDog under the watchful supervision of Yeastie Boy Stu, who has moved to the UK to help kickstart their plans for world domination expansion into Europe.

Please contact us if you’d like Yeastie Boys beers!