Enjoying Cambridge Beer Festival?

Jolly Good Beer Logo - 120pxI hope you are enjoying Cambridge Beer Festival! It’s a fantastic event.

We supply a chunk of the beers you’ll enjoy at the festival – those from Anspach & Hobday, Beavertown, Cheshire Brewhouse, Cloudwater, Fernandes, Five Points, Gyle 59, Hammerton, Hardknott, Magic Rock, Moor, Redemption, Siren, Stringers, & Weird Beard. These are just some of the breweries we regularly stock to supply to pubs, bars, retailers, and events across our delivery area.

CBF 2017 JGB Breweries

Several of the festival beers are in KeyKeg and you’ll find them at the KeyKeg Bar – which is set up using our Jolly Good Beer 13-tap “Beer Wall”.

Jolly Good Beer Wall at Cambridge Beer Festival 2016

Jolly Good Beer Wall at Cambridge Beer Festival 2016


Jolly Good Beer is a beer wholesale business based near Cambridge – we supply beer in all formats that we carefully source from small British brewers (“craft” brewers as they’d be called in the US). Importantly “craft” is a term that refers to beer from microbreweries – and can come in any package; cask, keg, bottle, can… a huge development occurring in the UK beer world is microbreweries adopting keg formats so that you can have great full flavoured keg beers from smaller breweries rather than just macro-brew big-brand beers.

Our delivery area is what we call the “middle east” of England: all of East Anglia and then across westwards into the Midlands – bounded by an arc roughly passing through Nottingham, Birmingham, Oxford and Reading.

We also provide technical cellar services tailored for the needs of the modern craft beer sector. When you’ve rotational keg lines and changing beers management of keg beer systems, and the quality of system required, differs greatly to that for typical non-changing low-carbonation British lagers. Jolly Good Beer understands how these beers work – and installs dispense systems designed to improve their dispense and maximise your yields.

Anyway… get on with enjoying some beers and I hope to hear from you in the future.
All the best,
Yvan Seth – Jolly Good Beer

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