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We love beer events – especially ones that raise the bar of beer to where it belongs: up there with wine as a sophisticated and complex drink that works well in any situation. In fact we think beer goes further than wine ever can – with a far far wider range of flavours available. From light refreshing lagers through to huge powerful imperial stouts. There really is something for everyone in the world of beer – sometimes you just haven’t found it yet.

Yvan has been doing food and beer pairings casually for a few years now, has attended many, and has done the Beer Academy “Advanced” course. He is happy and confident to advise on beer and food pairings for menus and lead beer tasting evenings and various forms of beer and food matching. Beer and cheese evenings are particularly simple and immense fun!

Bar Fonts

Bar Fonts

We can also help with beer festivals and outdoor beer events. Running a bar at festivals and parties for example. When it comes to pub festivals we know the breweries and beers that get people excited, that’ll create a buzz and bring more people to your door.

If you want to up the ante at your beer festival or other event how about our 9-line “craft beer wall” (see photos below). This bar supports 7 chilled keg lines. One of the keg lines can even be either normal or “nitro” style. We also have out second more “normal” style of bar which can also support 7 chilled keg lines in the font configuration shown to the right. We’ll set the bar up, take it down, and even staff it – we’re pretty flexible, get in touch and we can sort something out. [We built Jolly Good Craft Beer Wall and and our Jolly Good Craft Beer Paddles ourselves – finished just in time for the London Vegan Beer Festival. Both bars and the paddles are made using pallets we’ve received beer on and a load of additional “upcycled” palletwood/timber from Cambridge Wood Works!]

If anything here excites you then get in touch – see contact details in the sidebar.

Jolly Good Beer Wall

Jolly Good Beer Wall (Mobile Bar #1)

Mobile Bar #2

Jolly Good Beer Bar (Mobile Bar #2)


Craft Beer Wall Gallery (including build!)