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10,000 metres of beer pipe…

10km of Valpar Gen-X beer line
10,000 metres of beer tube…

Why? Why would I buy 10 kilometres of beer line? Specifically 5km of 5/16 and 5km of 3/8 beer line? That’s one big old pallet of beer line!

Well … it’s simply because 5km is the minimum order size. Simple?

But why not buy smaller amounts from an intermediary?

Because in the UK nobody stocks anything better than bog standard polyethylene beer line, aka “MDP” – “Low cost beer and soft drinks dispense tubing”low cost, “low cost” could be considered the core theme of beer dispense in the UK. Generally “low”… low cost, low quality, lowest common denominator. (Don’t even get me started on the fact that many cask line installs are still using bloody PVC…)

It’s a bit of joke really… (of the depressing variety) pretty much the entire “indy”/microbrewery bar & pub beer scene in the UK is stuck with MDP. The “off the shelf” python and 3/8 tube is all this stuff, and none of the usual suspects for sourcing gear stock better. (You may be able to arrange for better I guess, but nobody does… beer line is just beer line, python is just python, right?)

The punchline to the joke is that big brewers like Heineken know how important consistency of quality is to their sales and accordingly they use Brewmaster II line in their installs.

There you have it… that pint of Heineken in the local probably comes out of a higher spec of dispense system than your pint of Cloudwater at UberTrendy Craft-n-Stuff bar.

Now… I’m personally not one for settling for the status quo. One should always strive to do better, achieve more… improve. So one of many things that came out of my research of craft beer dispense in the US was: hmmm, they have this special fancy barrier tube type beer line, what is it we us in the UK? *research*research*oh, oh my, that’s a bit sad…

So I got in touch with Valpar over in Ireland… Valpar, owned by Micromatic, makes most of the beer line I see in the UK and it turned out they make some pretty good stuff. They key products being Brewmaster II (used by Heineken in the UK) and Gen-X (apparently used by Diageo for Guinness)Where I can buy the good stuff?  Nobody in the UK stocks it. Oh… can I buy it from you direct?  Yeesssss… if you want 5000 metres.

Think about it: there’s a company just over the Irish Sea that manufactures really good beer line that is shipped to countries all over the world and yet in the UK I cannot buy the stuff. My FOB detectors also come from Ireland. I get taps from the US and Italy. I even import gas regulators for top-end jobs… why is the UK so pants when it comes to quality beer equipment?

[Edit: Hey, so the fab folk over at The Malt Miller stock Brewmaster II – which is waaaaay better than MDP (see table below).  So a worthy choice for a dispense install. Order from them here.]

This stuff isn’t madly priced per-metre but given I wanted both 5/16 and 3/8 the cost really adds up over 10km… normal MDP is about 10p per meter, the Gen-X is closer to 40p. So I had to wait about a year before it was possible to take about £4000 ex-VAT out of the business cashflow to invest in a big pallet of beer pipe. The price difference between Gen-X and Brewmaster II was low enough to make Gen-X seem a no-brainer, given the numbers significantly in favour of Gen-X: “The microbial growth tests indicate that the hygienic performance can be 2-3 times at least more effective than current market solutions.

Valpar Gen-X Tube
Valpar Gen-X Tube

A few months ago it showed up and I was a happy dispense guy. Now if I do install work for you, you get Gen-X tube.*

So far we’ve had little chance to really get a feel for how much better Gen-X is than MDP. My couple of data-points so far are:

No more “line stench”? I do a fair bit of mobile bar stuff, and it is generally always the case after just one event that MDP line pumps out an “old beery” smell when you pump air through them at the next event. You can taste it even when you suck through even a short length. I’ve never been happy with this but have never been able to clean out that aroma. The Gen-X? So far this seems to be a thing of the past… after 3 events the keg tails I have used still don’t reek. (That said we are still re-doing all the pipework every 2 or 3 events.)

Sticky flavour beer taint a thing of the past? This seems to be the case. I put 3 kegs of a 10% hazelnut flavoured “pastry beer” type creature through a line… this was in there for 3 days and I then flushed with about 2 litres of water. No flavour or aroma of hazelnut (or anything) in the end of that water. I was pretty surprised by this, having in the past immediately had to (or wanted to) rip out and throw away the line after such a beer even after trying to line-clean TF outta it.

I would still advocate regular changing of beer lines though, even fancy plastic isn’t magic. Only time will tell what the real “craft beer” (unfiltered flavourful tastymank™) shelf-life of Gen-X is.

Technology… it works. Huh, whoda thunk it.

The reason I wrote this today (well, 2 months ago) was I saw a thing on the Twitters. Beer seemingly oxidised after 2 days sat in a line. It got me thinking about gas permeability of beer line… a generally known problem that is mitigated by fast throughput on kegs and weekly line cleaning. “Plastic isn’t magic” is a phrase I use a lot – O2 can get in, the higher the permeability the more likely biofilms will develop is one factor. Also, beer sat in a line will lose CO2 and oxidise. I don’t actually know how fast this will happen in a sense of yielding tangible/tastable flaws, but according to Valpar Micromatic numbers MDP is 80x more O2 permeable than Gen-X. I’m not yet convinced beer line O2 permeability is to blame in the case of the linked tweet… but I definitely have an idea for an experiment I want to run… <watch-this-space>, as they say.

PROTECTING THE FLAVOR OF BEER & WINE: The next step in flavor protection: GEN-X® Tubing
PROTECTING THE FLAVOR OF BEER & WINE: The next step in flavor protection: GEN-X® Tubing From:

* We’re still using MDP for most gas line and waste/outflow lines.

List eMail

Mailing List: Loads of new beer! CASK pre-orders! Informational VIDEO!

Bumper crop folks! Mega big update timez.

But first, CASK – we have the PRE-ORDER list up still here with Ashover and Three Blind Mice – all stock is subject to brewery availability. The order will be finalised on Monday and we expect to have the sock for delivery from w/c 20th August, so get your cask finger clicking here:
Ashover Brewery Beers

VIDEO: I’ve been asked a few times about various dispense tasks and as much as I’d like to visit everyone and demonstrate everything there just isn’t time. So I’m going to try making some basic videos, maybe about one a week if I can. The first is: How to strip down keg couplers for cleaning.


Badges & cans

Against the Grain – our first proper big order from these guys. We have kegs, we have cans, we have some seriously mad bottles. Shipped to our 4°C coldstore cold-chain style. For mega-freshness.

Amundsen – the Chuggernaut cans are back! Shipped to our 4°C coldstore cold-chain style. For mega-freshness.

Beavertown – core restocks plus Sapling IPA (NEIPA type critter) in both keg and can, some Tempus bottles, some more Dame Melba cans too.

Bone Machine – back again, because y’all seem to love it (for good reason) – with two new beers a west coast styled IPA Goin’ Out West and something a bit madder in the form of a mango and black salt gose/sour inspired by Bundobust: Sex, Drugs & Okra Fries!

Cloudwater – the latest gear to arrive, as usual. We have some new style twists from them this week with a couple of Brut IPAs and a rendition of a West CoastPale in keg plus a straight up 4% quaffing pale Summer Pale in can. (And more.)

Left Handed Giant – two fresh new can releases from the Bristol giant plus three keg releases.

Stillwater Artisinal – ridin’ the Against The Grain pallet we have MORE new cans from Stillwater, grab ’em whilst they’re not hot (they’ll never be hot, not from us. Shipped to our 4°C coldstore cold-chain style. For mega-freshness.

Track – finally back on Track. Good old Sonoma in keg, plus an IPA and a Brut IPA… Brut IPA is the flavour of the season. It’s all joooosey…

All this plus plenty of other stock on our website.

cask icon
keg icon
can icon
bottle icon
bottle icon


Time flies when you’re on the run…

Week commencing Mon 13th August:

  • TUESDAY 14th August
    • ? Milton Keynes / OXFORD / READING
    • ? Northants / Coventry / Warks / BIRMINGHAM
  • WEDNESDAY 15th August
    • Cambridge(shire)
    • ? Herts / Hitchin / St. Albans / Hillingdon / Chilterns / S.Beds
  • THURSDAY 16th August
    • ? Essex / Chelmsford / Colchester / Ipswich / South-Suffolk
    • Kings Lynn Norwich / Norfolk / Lowestoft / North-Suffolk

So, what’s next…

Week commencing Mon 20th August:

  • TUESDAY 21st August
    • ? Derby(shire) / Nottingham / (shire), Leicester / (shire)
    • ? Northants / Coventry / Warks / BIRMINGHAM
  • WEDNESDAY 22nd August
    • CAMBRIDGE(shire)
    • ? Hertfordshire / Hitchin / St. Albans / Chilterns
  • THURSDAY 23rd August
    • ? A1 / Stamford / Linconshire / Lincoln / Retford / Newark
    • Kings Lynn NORWICH / Norfolk / Lowestoft / Nth.Suffolk

All the best,
Your beer wrangling servant,
Yvan / Jolly Good Beer

A quick video demonstrating how to strip down a keg coupler for cleaning.
List eMail

Mailing List: Friday Night Fun ?❄ with Burnt Mill (oooeeerrrr), Dark Revolution (new!), Yeastie Boys (who needs integrity?), and some found Northern Monk

Sending a trade email out on a Friday night? Numbskull…

This was intended to go out hours ago, but as with most days at the moment there were so many things commin’ at me most of my core tasks just kept slippin’ back. It’s lost about half an hour again tonight thanks to things storm related… we had a nice little blackout just now, short thankfully. A lot of lightning out there, and a huge strike in line of sight of the office window just now – seemed to hit just a short distance way in the farm orchard. Made me jump!

We also haven’t quite finished, have a few more bits to put into the system, still so another heads-up will go out Sunday or Monday I expect when we get the other new gear sorted.

Anyway, so… what new goodies are in the coldstore?

  • Burnt Mill – one of the current darlings of UK craft beer, the Burnt Mill folks are honing their brewing and from an excellent start just getting better. We’ve only had the odd bit here and there up to now, but this time we have a range incoming…
    • KEG – first there is their new murky hazy juicy hop critter Galaxy Fog, this is the first in a new serious of beers using the London Fog yeast. (Despite the name it is a yeast used to brew the New England IPA style mainly, I gather the name was chosen due to some UK genetic background the yeast has combined with “fog” being both considered a very London thing by folk overseas* and being suggestive of the stylistic murk of the NEIPA style.) We have more keg arriving Tuesday, so keep eyes peeled on the inbox.
    • CAN – ooooeeerrr… we actually have what we could call a range in cans this time. We have:
      • Green Path (little of) – regular “West Coast” styled IPA
      • Pintle (plenty of) – their juicy hazy everyday quaffer – CANNED YESTERDAY – transported straight from canning to our 4C coldstore – doesn’t get much fresher than that!
      • Tulum (good stock) – a pineapple gose!
      • Layers (good stock) – an imperial stout
  • Yeastie Boys – Stu may lack integrity (industry in-joke), but we still like ‘im and the whole micromachine that is Yeastie Boys (it’s bigger on the outside). A trip to NZ in 2011 did more for me in beer interest than BrewDog did (it was a “next level” sort of experience), and Yeastie Boys were a highlight of that and continue to delight (when you can get the crazy stuff!). It’s no secret I was disappointed when as soon as they finally go the UK Gunnamatta nailed and tasting up there with NZ Gunnamattathat it got put into Tesco (grrrrr! grrrrrr! down with that sort of thing!) … which is the end of that for us really, as we know too few of you want to stock what Tesco stocks. We do continue to stock Inari Biru as a regular line, it’s not in Tesco (I think!) And once we can get the good Gunnamatta stuff in keg format we certainly shall!Yeastie Boys: German Farmhouse (keg badge)But lo! What’s this… things are happening in the UK Yeastie Boys world. This year they have hired the legendary “JK” – a brewer who’s been a key player in the UK “craft” brewing sector over recent years… he’s got Thornbridge pedigree, was head brewer at Buxton when Buxton transitioned from kinda trad to UK craft stalwart, and has most recently done some excellent work honing the brewing at the legendary Marble Brewery.  Now JK is a Yeastie Boy and doing the good stuff overseeing UK production whilst being let loose on collabs and cuckoo brews to bring a creative lineup of Yeastie Boys specials to the UK market.
  • Dark Revolution – new to JGB – so… I must admit I don’t know a lot about these guys. But I consider the Yeastie Boys team choosing them as their cuckoo brewing go-to is about all the endorsement I need really. (I did also ask around of course, check their reviews, the usual… results are good.) Basically since we were getting the Yeastie Boys kegs shipped direct from the brewery and the pallet wasn’t fully loaded we squeezed on as much Dark Revolution as we could.
    • KEG
      • Deviant – Dynamically Hopped Pale Ale
      • Sonic – Small IPA
      • Super Sonic – DDH Pale Ale
      • Supernova – Brut IPA – Citra / Nelson Sauvin
  • Northern Monk – wait.. what’s that? What are they doing there? Oh… dang…
    • KEG – So… a couple of weeks ago when we got the NMBCo x Wylam collaboration TIPA Moobing On Up we actually got a couple of kegs too. And on the same pallet a couple of kegs of DEATH  – now there are only a couple of each of these… typical “first come, first served” – if you can’t see it on the site, it’s goooonnneeee…
      • Moobing On Up – NMBCo x Wylam – Triple Dry Hopped Triple IPA with a MASSIVE 4.331 Untappd score. Oofff…
      • DEATH // Single Origin Burundi Coffee Edition – caffeinated death inna keg…

* No joke, growing up in Australia and watching a fair bit of UK/BBC content in the 80s I generally could have assumed that the UK was mostly just foggy all of the time.

All this plus plenty of other stock on our website.


GAS!!! WE HAVE THE GAS!!! CO2 that is… back in stock…

Oh, wait, we’ve just run out of 60/40… argh… (if you need I have a tiny number on reserve).

One of the problems we have faced with the gas is that we need a full pallet of empties back before we can get a full pallet of full ones in. So it’s important we recover the empty Air Liquide cylinders from y’all. Please ensure they are good for collection when my guys show up.

From now on we will typically, except by prior arrangement (or new accounts) be providing gas cylinders on a ONE-BACK-ONE-OUT policy. If you want a cylinder, have an empty ready for us to collect please. (For 2 for 2, etc.)


Week commencing Mon 30th July:

  • TUESDAY 31st July
    • ? Milton Keynes / OXFORD / READING
    • ? Northants / Coventry / Warks / BIRMINGHAM
  • WEDNESDAY 1st August
    • Cambridge(shire)
    • ? Herts / Hitchin / St. Albans / Hillingdon / Chilterns / S.Beds
  • THURSDAY 2nd August
    • ? Essex / Chelmsford / Colchester / Ipswich / South-Suffolk
    • Kings Lynn Norwich / Norfolk / Lowestoft / North-Suffolk

Week commencing Mon 6th August:

  • TUESDAY 7th August
    • ? Derby(shire) / Nottingham / (shire), Leicester / (shire)
    • ? Northants / Coventry / Warks / BIRMINGHAM
  • WEDNESDAY 8th August
    • CAMBRIDGE(shire)
    • ? Hertfordshire / Hitchin / St. Albans / Chilterns
  • THURSDAY 9th August
    • ? A1 / Stamford / Linconshire / Lincoln / Retford / Newark
    • Kings Lynn NORWICH / Norfolk / Lowestoft / Nth.Suffolk


All the best,
Your beer wrangling servant,
Yvan / Jolly Good Beer

❄ Jolly Good Beer ❄
Quality-led craft beer distribution with COLD-STORAGE for all of cask, keg, bottle, and can. Doing the best we can for an awesome product we respect.
If you want to keep great beer brewery-fresh it must be kept cold.
Ambient beer is sad beer.

Cold beer is Jolly Good Beer.

How a KeyKeg Works – Graphic For Free Use

Kat and myself (Yvan) made this diagramme back in 2015 to explain KeyKeg to folk. It’s first use was when we ran a KeyKeg bar at Stevenage Beer Festival.

It seems to have been quite popular having been ripped off many times now by CAMRA and even a couple of commercial organisations. It’s a little mind-boggling that in this day and age folk don’t understand the concept of copyright.

A good basic rule is: If you do not know you have permission to use (especially publish) a thing… you don’t.

Now this is not a fancy picture, it’s not art, it isn’t revolutionary… but I sketched out the general idea on paper, Kat then made it look less like utter garbage, I scanned it and Kat did a bit of digital tidying before I added some text. There’s actually a few hours work in that. And in the context of a small business that’s important time – even without the business context it’s not exactly nice to have folk just take your stuff without asking. Apparently some CAMRA mob in London even made a big poster of it. Normally if you want to go publish someone’s work you kinda expect to pay them for it… right?

We are actually very happy for people to use the image and derivations thereof  – BUT only with attribution to at least “© Jolly Good Beer“, and when online with a link to this website:

I will at this point specify that the image can be used under a CC BY-SA 4.0 “Creative Commons” license.  Creative Commons License

If you want any other specific permissions please just contact us.

Now go ahead and use it… you don’t have to ask if you provide the attribution specified and use this specific version of the image below.

You have no permission to use any version of the image we have created other than the one below.

How KeyKegs work. (This image is COPYRIGHT Yvan Seth T/A Jolly Good Beer.)
How KeyKegs work. (This image is COPYRIGHT Yvan Seth T/A Jolly Good Beer.)
Beer Events Beer Festivals

Willingham Beer & Cider Festival

We’re getting involved in my (Yvan’s) village’s new beer festival. This shall mainly be a fun beer event for Willingham locals – with a great range of drinks available, live music, and a summer BBQ. But we’ll have some special stuff on the draught system too…

Presently looking at, hoping to justify, about 20 different cask ales plus 10 keg beers, and 10 good ciders and one or two keg ciders.

Seems early days yet – but I know 29th June will be upon us in the blink of an eye!

There will be more information on the festival website, so keep an eye on that:

Or on the social medias: @WillinghamBeer or /WillinghamBeer

Bar Beer Events Meet The Brewer

Moor in Norwich & Peterborough

THIS WEEKEND!!! Moor extravaganzas in Norwich & Peterborough!


Do you like Moor beer? You should drink Moor beer. The puns are relentless on a #MoorOnTour

  • Brewery: Moor Beer Company
  • Location: Bristol (formerly middle of pretty much nowhere in Somerset)
  • Owner/Brewer: Justin Hawke … an American showing the UK how to do hops 😉
  • History: Founded in 1996, taken over by Justin & Maryann in 2007: more here
  • Features: One of the first UK micros to leap into being 100% unfinedultra-tasty vegan friendly cask & keg

Moor is one of my own all time favourite brewers and one of the very first I traded with, given they inspired the creation of Jolly Good Beer… people wanted Moor, people couldn’t get Moor… problem solved.

The Plasterers ArmsSaturday – Norwich – The Plasterers Arms

If you’re in the Norwich area come to the awesome Plasterers Arms for all things Moor… this is a mega tap-takeover across cask and keg lines offering a huge variety of the Moor lineup, with some special bombers and some of the can range available to boot! Hoppy: got it; Dark: got it; Brown: got it; Pale: got it; Smokey: got it; Barley Wine: got it; Barrel Aged: got it; You… get it?

The official gig is set to run from 8pm, but we’ll be hangin’ about from a bit earlier.

Check out the event page on FaceBook.

Or @ThePlasterers on Twitter.

Stoneworks TapwallSunday – Peterborough – The Stoneworks Bar

Cambridgeshire’s awesomest new new-wave bar brings you Moor in keg spanning the core to the frankly slightly mental. DIPA, BDIPA, even plain old IPA – then how about hoppy wheat, pale ales, old ales, and a barrel aged barley wine?

The bar opens at midday Sunday… and the finger-in-the-air starting time for shenanigans is 1pm. We’ll have a representative from the brewery, and I’ll be there to drink beer. 😉

Stoneworks are less on top of the FaceBook, but they do have a FaceBook page you can visit.

Or @TheStoneworks on Twitter.


Some Moor Badges (no, we don't have ALL these beers:) I wish!
Some Moor Badges (no, we don’t have ALL these beers:) I wish!


And should Moor’s awesome beer sound your sort of thing, we supply to trade accounts across East Anglia and the East Midlands. We keep our Moor here:

Beer Events Beer Festivals

The Adventures of Colin – Leeds International Beer Festival

It’s the second time we’ve been invited to serve the awesomely fresh (az, bro!) beers from the New Zealand beer collective but there’s been an aspect of Jolly Good Beer that’s not really been documented. Until now.

Colin the colossal (shhh) squid has been freeloading at Jolly Good Beer headquarters since before it existed due to instinctively latching on a pair of beery schmucks back at the Te Papa Mueseum. In typical fashion, his natural habitat is NOT aiding with service at the Kiwi bar…

NZ Beer Collective bar
NZ Beer Collective bar
Todd hard at work at the Kiwi bar
Todd hard at work at the Kiwi bar

… instead, he’s we’ve finally got photographic evidence of him shirking off on beery pursuits and accosting hapless brewers at their own bars.

Colin & Weird Beard
Colin & Weird Beard

“I’m just checking out the town hall interior”

Colin & Pressure Drop
Colin & Pressure Drop

“I was asking about their beer ‘Wu Gang Chops the Tree'”

Colin & Thornbridge
Colin & Thornbridge

“I was just singing praises about their lager ‘Lucas'”

Colin & Siren
Colin & Siren

“They had my favourite colour on their bar”

Thanks to the festival organizers, breweries and volunteers that made the Leeds International Beer Festival an awesome – if not exhausting – few days!

Beer Tech

Push Fit Beer Cleanliness

I once had a brewer grimace at the jubilee-clipped host-to-barb connections on my “beer wall” gas system. The problem – I was instructed – being that in the pinch-join between the pipe and barb there is a minute nook where beasties can gather and be hard for cleaning to get to. (This was on the gas-side of the system mind…)

Two things didn’t ring true about this. The first is being on the gas-side we also have workings inside regulators and the unknown innards of cylinders to worry about… both greater worries IMO. (Gas-side system cleanliness is a real issue not to be ignored when using top-pressure kegs mind you.)

But I think the brewer’s thinking was more about the beer-side… but there is a bit of a “hidden sins” aspect to pushfit fittings that makes folk think they’ve magic powers over and above just being really convenient. If anything I think they’re WORSE than barb fittings… there is about 5mm of pipe-in-sleeve in there where all the nasties you like can gather far easier than in a barb connection. There’s a lot more play and a far larger “grime trap” that casual line cleaning is not going to work well to sanitise.

Butchered John Guest 3/8" Elbow
Butchered John Guest 3/8″ Elbow

So keep this in mind when thinking of beer system cleanliness… it’s important to regularly strip back and clean draught system components. Replace short runs of tube and break down and scrub pushfits (I’d just replace them perhaps, they’re basically a consumables in my mind these days.) This goes for the gas side too when using top-pressure kegs (as opposed to KeyKeg) – infections from the gas-side, especially from manky couplers, can make a keg beer exhibit “off” flavours in just a day or two, especially in “warm” 12C UK cellars.

Sadly I’d bet your average British cellar hasn’t had this kind of love in 5+ years, if not in a decade… I’ve seen some pretty awful stuff in cellars. Take apart the average Sankey-S coupler and you can quickly be turned off drinking beer in pubs. Then look inside pushfits on coolers, couplers, and fobs… or don’t if you want to continue enjoying your beer. I’ve even seen algae-like growth inside an in use fob detector – and that is visible.

Great beer requires great cleanliness!

So… pushfit beer kit. I love it, and I won’t stop loving it. But always be aware of the caveats of any piece of equipment.

Beer Events

Meet Hardknott @ Thirsty


Our friends from Hardknott brewery are hitting Cambridge this weekend and Thirsty will be hosting them for a meet-the-brewer on Sunday from 15.30 in the afternoon.

When: from 15.30 Sunday 22nd May
Where: Thirsty, Cambridge (register your interest on the FaceBook thingy.)
What: BEER!

This is a casual beery get-together, with draught and bottled beers from Hardknott added to the Thirsty line-up and there’ll be food available from Now Now, the “bunny chow” people!

Beers on the Growler-Fill will be:

In addition there will be a comprehensive range of bottled beers.

This is hot on the heels of Hardkott being at the FoodPark Night Market Saturday evening (booked out I’m afraid!) and right before the Cambridge Beer Festival where us beer nerds will get to try the Intergalactic Space Hopper over again but in cask format.

See y’all at Thirsty on Sunday! Right?!

Bar Beer Events Meet The Brewer

Jolly Good Beer & Brewers @ Food Park Night Market

Jolly Good Beer Bar
Jolly Good Beer Bar

I’m a bit late to putting this together, because Food Park Night Market has SOLD OUT! So… there here be a teaser for those didn’t make it to booking in time, and an appetite whetter for those who will be there with us on Saturday.

Food Park has practically become a Cambridge foodie institution – this collective of food vans and related businesses shows up all over town providing the food variety and excitement that Cambridge’s drab corporate office estates fail to deliver. Pints of tasty beer don’t quite fit in for most at lunchtime – but a few times a year Food Park gets together to do a “night market” where proceedings practically require a great drinks offering to go with the great food. We’ll be there with great beer amongst the gin, wine, cocktails and fizz.

For the first Food Park of 2016 the Jolly Good Beer bar will host Atom brewery from Hull and Harknott from Cumbria on the draught – both of which will have folk present on the night.

We’ll also have Magic Rock and Moor cans for folk in the mood for a quick tinnie of great beer. The beer list will include:

    • Atom – “For Science!” – will be at the event!
      • Schrödinger’s Cat, 3.5% – full bodied, yet low ABV, hop-bomb
      • Pale Ale, 4.5% – UK Olicana & Admiral hopped cirtusy pale ale
      • Ocean of Storms, 5.0% – saison aged on blueberries
      • Dark Matter, 4.5% – sea salt, cocoa and black lime infused oatmeal stout
    • Hardknott – “Serious About Beer” – will be at the event!
      • Cumbrian Lager, 4.8% – lager! lager! lager!
      • Intergalactic Space Hopper, 5.2% – IPA
  • CANS
    • Magic Rock
      • Salty Kiss, 4.1% – gooseberry gose
      • High Wire, 5.5% – pale ale
      • Rapture, 4.6% – red ale
    • Moor
      • Revival, 3.7% – session pale ale
      • Illusion, 4.5% – black IPA
      • Return of the Empire, 5.7% – English IPA
  • SODA
    • Square Root – “Handmade in Hackney”
      • A range of non-alcoholic sodas from the awesome Square Root. It’s what keeps me going when I am doing these events! So we figured we should add them to the lineup.

Food Park beers