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Ascension  —  Glow

Spiced Cider

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It was fast approaching Christmas, and I was being asked for a Mulled Cider recipe by my lovely customers. “We love having spiced cider here, it’s just a pain in the arse to do and the chefs get grumpy with us”! Luckily, we had the solution.

Using an organic cinnamon leaf extract (that’s right, the LEAF!), we added this to a wild cider/ russet blend to naturally sweeten the cider. The cinnamon leaf has flavours akin to mixed spice, clove and, of course, cinnamon.

This was only supposed to be available at Christmas time, but due to demand, it became a core cider for the next 18 months!

Weight 8.6 kg
ABV 4%
Producer Ascension
Container 24 x 330ml cans
Best Before 19/12/2022