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Beavertown  —  Says PilsNERRD

German Style Pilsner

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An Irish man and a Leicester man from Team Beaver were asked to brew a beer so naturally a german pilsener came to mind. Chris and Owen wanted to make a noble hoppy pilsner that would capture the essence of a good northern german pilsner that also showcases some traditional german hop varieties. All aspects of the brew were meticulously considered to produce a beer that was clean, crisp, hoppy and uber sessionable. Reverse Osmosis water was generated to allow the water profile to be completely tailored to style, a blend of extra pale premium pilsener and extra pale malt were used to give a pilseners characteristic bready notes and a oast house load of Tettnang and Hallertau Mittelfruh were added post boil to supercharge the beers aroma and flavour with lemon and herbal qualities. The beer then underwent a fermentation and lagering process that lasted 6 weeks under the guidance of their favourite german lager yeast strain to leave a crisp, bitter lager that can be drank at anytime of the year. The name comes from an inhouse brewers game of ‘nerding’. Tasting notes:Lemon and herbal notes on the nose from the heavy late hops of tettnang and mittelfruh with a touch of characteristic sulphur. Accentuated bitterness from the carbonation leads to flavours of doughy pilsner malt and herbal noble hop notes.

Weight 21.5 kg
Keg Style Bag
ABV 4.5%
Brewery Beavertown
Origin Tottenham, London
Container 20l KeyKeg
Coupler KeyKeg