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Bone Machine  —  Bonehead


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This is a beer that’s been a bit of an eternity project for us. We have been wanting to
make a great lager ever since we first started brewing – even had the name ready and
everything – but we resisted because we knew that if we were to release it we would have to
be completely confident we had the best of the best to give out there. So we waited, took our
time and very patiently kept on working.
One of the first things we agreed is that we would not accept any compromises in the
flavour. We would not tolerate any off notes, but equally important was that the beer has a
full and satisfying character. We wanted to reject the idea of ‘crisp’ that seems to dominate
the lager world in the UK & instead focus on making a lager that delive

Weight 32.2 kg
Keg Style Bag
ABV 5.2%
Brewery Bone Machine
Container 30l KeyKeg
Coupler KeyKeg
Best Before 24/03/2022
Colour Pale