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Hardknott  —  Azimuth

New World Hoppy IPA

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This beer is our answer to the insatiable demand for really great craft IPA. It’s been a great beer to us, and this last year we’ve been working really hard to make it even better.

Scott, who joined us mid 2014 has poured over the specifications for various hop varieties from around the globe and adjusted and substituted to blend the most stunning beer that comes out of Cumbria.

Careful consideration is given to the harvest every year form the west cost American and Antipodean hops that results in what has now got 9 different varieties spread over 5 separate additions from the beginning of the boil right through to dry hopping.

Dave of course still keeps a nervous watchful eye on Scotts adjustments. Regular and repeated tastings are a routine, it’s a tough job.

Azimuth has notes of apricot on the nose with hints of peach skins and a fruity bitterness rounded off with floral nuances.

Weight 40.0 kg
Keg Style Top Pressure
ABV 5.8%
Brewery Hardknott
Container 30l eKeg
Coupler Sankey-S