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Hardknott  —  Cosmic Microwave Background

Auburn Ale

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Remember Infra Red? The deep lucious 6.2% hoppy red ale that Hardknott has been brewing for years? It’s always been my favourite in their range… but a 6.2% cask ale as a core beer proves too difficult (and red ales don’t shift that well in keg either). So Infra Red has been made a rarer occasional.

However… meet Infra Red’s little brother: Cosmic Microwave Background.

This beer is a scaled down Infra Red – a deep auburn bitter with a hoppy kick, still lucious but less punchy.

Weight 52.0 kg
ABV 4.2%
Brewery Hardknott
Container 9g cask
Cost Price £66.43
Discount 12.5%
List Price £75.92