Lost and Grounded  —  Altogether Elsewhere

Czech Style Pils

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Jump in the car, we are off to the Czech Republic! We brewed up our first Czech-style Pils using a traditional decoction mash in this, we actually boil a portion of the mash to help break down the malt, also increasing the subtle biscuity character of Pils malt. Its no secret we love lager, we operate a state-of-the-art Brewhouse, complete with a traditional lactic acid propagation plant (traditional German method of adjusting acidity) to produce beers with balance, nuance and depth of character. Altogether Elsewhere celebrates those nuances between lager styles, showing that there is so much to forever learn about this understated beer family. We are buzzed for this lager – its no rock star style, but its our style, and that is what rocks – we follow our own path! Exclusive debut at Friends & Family & Beer, 2020

Weight 40.5 kg
ABV 5%
Brewery Lost and Grounded
Origin Bristol
Container 30l eKeg
Coupler Sankey S