North Sea Bridges Project 2018

Six Awesome Collab Brews

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What is this “North Sea Bridges?” It is like a Rainbow Project of the North! With Scottish brewers hooking up with Scandi brewers to get the collab juices flowing. Here’s their own bit of text about it:

“Welcome to North Sea Bridges. Separated by the wild North Sea, Scotland and Scandinavia have a trading history that links way back. It’s in the spirit of maintaining these links that the North Sea Bridges project was born.

With no real agenda other than making great beer for the fun of it, the premise is simple: Six of the best Scottish breweries were paired up at random with (yes, you’ve guessed it) six of the best breweries Scandinavia has to offer. This year saw the Scottish breweries playing host, next year for Round 2, they will be making the return trip across the ‘bridges’ to Scandinavia.”

There are some damn awesome breweries in this, including several I deal with regularly.

Here’s the beer list, the ones that a linked have links to the brewer’s own website posts about their beers and the project.

Fyne / Rocket –  Cowberry Heart (5.3%) – Lingonberry Rye IPA.
Fierce / TO OL – Blood of Nidhoggr (7.0%) – Black Sour
– Six Degrees North / Amundsen – Amundsix (6.7%) – Dry-hopped Sour
Black Isle / Dry & Bitter – Flame Out (8.0%) – DIPA
– Pilot / Dugges – Tropisk (7.4%) – DryPA
– Fallen / Beerbliotek – Tap Saff  (8.5%) – Saffron & Spruce DIPA


Weight 3.2 kg
Brewery Black Isle, Fallen, Fierce, Fyne Ales, Pilot, six°north
Origin Scotland
Container 6 x 330ml bottles
Collaborators Rocket, To Øl, Amundsen, Dry & Bitter, Dugges, Beerbliotek