Northern Monk  —  North Sea Sessions

DDH Session IPA

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Teaming up with pro surfer Sandy Kerr, North Sea Sessions is all about recreating sun, sea and surf in beer form. We’ve kick started the series with a DDH session IPA, the kind of beer you’d want to sit back, relax and embrace the one balmy summer night you got in the North of England. It was similarly a pleasure to team up with two of the great, up-and-coming breweries from the continent; Fuerst Wiacek based in Berlin, and Soma, a small operation out of Northern Spain who both never fail to impress us.
We decided to really challenge ourselves with the recipe for this low ABV collaboration. To bulk out the light body as much as possible, we used Vienna as our base malt for its chunky, biscuit flavour and added the highest percentage of speciality adjunct grains we’ve ever attempted including oats, flaked wheat and chit malt, all with the goal of filling out the mouthfeel. In the boil we added unfermentable Maltodextrin sugar and then we hopped with the tropical intensity of Citra and Mosaic backed up with the classic New Zealand variety Nelson Sauvin, full of its white wine characteristics of gooseberry, grape and lime.

Weight 52 kg
ABV 4.3%
Brewery Northern Monk
Origin Leeds, Yorkshire
Container 9g cask