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Orbit Brewing  —  24 Hour Party Pilsner


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Having produced our first true cold fermented beer with White Label #2, we had an opportunity to do something similar with the third beer in our one-off series. After the Kellerbier fermented out we carefully harvested some of the W34/70 lager yeast, and pitched it into the wort that was to become White Label #3.

With the cold months hopefully on the way out we decided to brew something to be enjoyed in glorious beer gardens all over the capital, hopefully in warming sunshine. Something low in alcohol but with a pleasantly full body and the aroma of citrusy Ahtanum hops. Something to be enjoyed in great volume should one choose, over a long session. Though OK, perhaps not for a full 24 hours straight. Nonetheless the chance to pay homage to a wonderful record label using a name originally suggested (mostly) in jest, was one we decided we just couldn’t pass up. And so our Factory Records referencing White Label #3: 24 Hour Party Pilsner was born and named thus! Please drink responsibly.

Weight 40.5 kg
Keg Style Top Pressure
ABV 3.3%
Brewery Orbit Brewing
Container 30l KegStar
Coupler Sankey S
Best Before 16/02/2022
Colour Pale