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Polly's Brew Co  —  Mylar


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If we’re asked to describe one thing that makes our beers uniquely Polly’s, then without a doubt we’d say our tried and tested, patented pyramid dry-hopping technique. Brought into the brewery by our owner Sean during lockdown last year, this technique has become synonymous with our beers, particularly our IPA game. Cascading down in gradually lower additions, Mylar is textbook Polly’s – high juice, low bitterness, accentuated by our generous use of Citra, Mosaic, and Sabro in the dry hop in descending order. Expect a swagbag of honeydew melon, mango, tangerine, and pina colada flavours abound from the Sabro.

Weight 32.2 kg
ABV 6.3%
Brewery Polly’s Brew Co
Container 30l Polykeg
Coupler Sankey S
Best Before 28/04/2022
Keg Style Bag
Colour Pale