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Polly's Brew Co  —  Nelson Sauvin


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As we’re closing out the year that was 2021 (and what a year it was!), we wanted to make a trio of beers celebrating each respective branch of the brewery’s favourite hop varietal. Whilst it’s only been in our cold store for the shortest period of time, Team Sales has absolutely fawned over Nelson Sauvin since the moment it landed here at HQ. Going big with a 40kg dry-hop charge, this beer is positively dripping with fresh crushed grapes, gooseberries, and intense passionfruit flavour and aroma notes. A varietal widely regarded as one of the best on the planet and for good reason; a maxed out, amped up Polly’s flavourbomb.

Weight 32.2 kg
ABV 6%
Brewery Polly’s Brew Co
Container 30l Polykeg
Coupler Sankey S
Best Before 19/05/2022
Keg Style Bag