Polly's Brew Co  —  Simcoe Mosaic IPA


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How much did we want to treat probably our favourite hop pairing of last year to our new yeast profile? You can wager that we were giddy with excitement, indeed. Mosaic and Simcoe hit up a tropical fruit salad of an aroma and flavour hit, closer to Lilt or Rubicon than a beer. Treated to our new aforementioned London Ale III wet yeast, this beer is mega high on yeast suspension resulting in a beer so hazy that it resembles those summer night sunsets that this beer was clearly just made to be drunk in front of

Weight 8.6 kg
ABV 6.5%
Brewery Polly’s Brew Co
Origin Mold, Wales
Container 18 x 440ml cans
Best Before 28/10/2019