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Polly's Brew Co  —  The Betty

DDH Pale

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The contemporary of The Bruce, taking its name from world renowned hop farmer and wife of its namesake, Betty Eggers, The Betty is fifty years of hop cultivation and expertise packed into a single varietal. Whilst The Bruce is completely open with its contents, The Betty takes a different route to its spouse, in that the blend in this hop is kept top secret. From our own sensory analysis though, we get a metric tonne of those tropical fruit, lime, and intense orange peel notes all unique to the vineyards, orchards and hopyards of Nelson’s iconic Moutere Valley. Perfect for use in one of our high-intensity DDH Pale ales and fermented with our bespoke Polly’s LA3 yeast strain for maximum suspension and haze, this is pure sunshine trapped in a glass.

Weight 32.2 kg
ABV 5.5%
Brewery Polly’s Brew Co
Container 30l Polykeg
Coupler Sankey S
Best Before 09/05/2022
Keg Style Bag
Colour Pale