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Polly's Brew Co  —  The Bruce

DDH Pale

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Now that we have access to the long-awaited golden goose of the new-school, new world hop varietals, we wanted to create a showcase dedicated to Freestyle Hops incredible NZ blends; what better way to showcase than a single hop DDH pale ale? We’ve always felt our DDH Pales are the perfect platform to let single hop beers do the talking, and The Bruce is out in full force here. Named for Sunrise Valley hop farmer, Bruce Eggers, The Bruce varietal features a blend of Nelson Sauvin, early-season Motueka, late-season Pacifica, and mid-season Pacific Jade. Just as intense rubbing between our hands as it is in the beer itself, the aromatics and flavours of this blend positively burst with crushed gooseberries, citrus peel and orange blossom. Amazing.

Weight 32.2 kg
ABV 5.5%
Brewery Polly’s Brew Co
Container 30l Polykeg
Coupler Sankey S
Best Before 15/05/2022
Keg Style Bag
Colour Pale