Rothaus  —  Tannen Zäpfle (Pils) - Alkoholfrei

Alcohol-Free Pilsner

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The non-alcoholic Tannezäpfle is brewed out of an authentic Rothaus full beer, which we specifically brew for the Rothaus Non-alcoholic Tannenzäpfle.

To retain the typical and well-balanced Rothaus Pils characteristics during the dealcoholization process, this beer is brewed with a higher original gravity (14.5 %) and lower IBU’s (25).

Just like our popular Rothaus Pils, our Non-alcoholic Tannenzäpfle is characterized by a robust and elegant flavor. Naturally, our Non-alcoholic Tannenzäpfle is isotonic.

Weight 16.2 kg
ABV 0%
Brewery Rothaus
Container 24 x 330ml bottles
Best Before 06/02/2021
Colour Pale