Sweet Dram  —  Smoked Spiced Rum

All Flavour, No Pirates

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A super-premium, grown-up spiced rum with a sexy, non-nautical label. No cheap, childish marketing gimmicks (e.g. pirates, sea creatures), this rum is all natural – no artificial flavours or added sugar. The starting point is a proprietary blend of aged Caribbean rums from Guyana and Barbados, this straight rum is an ideal base to build flavour on with strong notes of Demerara sugar and rich molasses, and hints of fresh fruit salad. Then infused with chamomile, lime leaf, fennel, cardamom, grains of paradise, superior grade lapsang souchong tea and organic figs, which we warm smoke over oak at the distillery.

The result is a dry, bold, aromatic spirit reminiscent of grilled pineapple, spiced fruit crumble and buttered banana bread. This rum is extremely versatile; can be mixed with GINGER BEER or used as an alternative base pour in classic whisky and rum cocktails.

Weight 1.3 kg
ABV 41%
Producer Sweet Dram
Origin Edinburgh
Container 1 x 700ml bottle